March 2024 - Release Notes

Jimmy De Santis
Jimmy De Santis
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Login Page

The login page has been revamped. It's simpler, more spacious, easier to read, and provides a better login experience for all users.

image-connexion (1).png

Subsequent elements such as the 2FA modal window, the forgotten password screen, and the popup for creating a new password have also been reviewed and adjusted. For each of these steps, clear and precise indications help you proceed with peace of mind.

Home Page

A refresh has been given to the home page of our application with a series of significant improvements. Its ergonomics have been redesigned to offer a smoother and more intuitive user experience.


In addition to this redesign, we have introduced new features aimed at further enhancing the experience for our users:

  • Relevant information tiles (banked time off, accumulated overtime, etc.)
  • A calendar for birthdays, absences, holidays, etc.
  • Quick access to various tools added at the top right of the screen (‘tools’ icon).
  • A redesigned main menu, clearer and more fluid to increase ease of navigation within the application.


Authentication Security

At Folks, data security is our number one priority. To strengthen security and prevent brute force attacks, if a login attempt fails three times, the associated user account will be automatically locked for a duration of five minutes.


    • Performance Evaluation

      • The generation of final grades is not working correctly in all accounts. Electronic

    • SignatureSending documents is not functioning correctly; sometimes an error message is returned to the user. Employee Profiles

      • Uploading files to the employee profile returns a 500 error. Corporate History

    • The history is no longer loading on the page. An infinite loading spinner remains displayed in the center of the page.

    • API V2

      • Updating an inactive employee is no longer functional in API V2.

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