Create a bilingual performance evaluation

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1. Go to the Performance Evaluation Process page in Admin

To get there, use the following path:
Admin >Human Resources > Performance Evaluation Process


2. Click on the Create Process button

The form for creating a process will appear.


3. Name the evaluation

Type_light-bulb__Size_small.svg Tips and tricks: If the process name is to be read in both languages, the evaluation name must be created in both languages in the same field. There is no special field for each language.


4. Select the two languages in the Languages section

Two labels will appear below the field, one for each of the selected languages.


5. Continue to the step of creating the evaluation forms

A second field is displayed below each of the statements and responses to enter the translation. Enter the translation of each statement so that it is displayed correctly to the evaluators and the evaluated.

_icon.svg Warning! It will not be possible to get to the next step of the process if one or more translations are missing.

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