Types of statements

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The definition of a statement is the points or questions on which employees will be evaluated. 

1. Criteria

A Criterion is a short statement, often presented in one word. This description will be visible to the evaluator during the evaluation and to the employee when viewing the results.

2. Objectives

An Objective is a statement based on a specific goal assigned to the employee. In a section where Objective is selected, you must decide if the objectives in the section will be general to all employees or be created at each employee's evaluation by the evaluator. In order to let the manager create the objectives, you have to activate the Let manager manage the objectives of this section toggle. You also have the possibility to put an additional description.

Tip: If you want to evaluate general objectives and objectives created by the manager, you have to create a section for general objectives and one for objectives created by the manager.

Manager-created goal

If you selected Let Manager Manage Goals in this section, the manager will be able to:

Renew each goal if he/she wants to
Create one or more new goals that will be evaluated the next time the goal is used.

Tip: To see how the manager will create the goals, click on the eye in the upper right corner of the process creation area.

3. Custom Text

A custom text is a short or long sentence evaluation statement. There is no character limit to a custom text. You also have the option to put in an additional description.

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