Validating one or all employee's email adresses

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Jean-Simon Bolduc
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1. Access the Employee profile.
Select the employee whose email you need to validate. The employee's information will appear on the screen, locate the email you need to validate.

Type_light-bulb__Size_small.svg Tips and tricks: If the desired email address (Personal Email or Corporate Email) is not in the employee's profile, click on Edit to access the Control Page and insert the information into the employee's profile.


_icon.svg Warning!
If both Personal Email and Corporate Email are validated for an employee, by default Folks will use Corporate Email to send documents for an electronic signature.
When selecting signatories, if an employee is not visible in the employee selection list, no email is validated for that employee. Validate one of his emails and he will become available. 


2. Click on Validate email below the email you wish to validate.
A validation email will be sent to the email address. The employee have to click on the confirmation button in the email. A page with a confirmation message will open when completed with success.

3. In the Employee Profile and Employee Summary, a green check mark will appear next to all validated email address.


Type_light-bulb__Size_small.svg Tips and tricks: If the employee does not receive the validation email, check with them to make sure that the email address in their file is correct and that the validation email has not been added directly to their junk mail box.

Type_light-bulb__Size_small.svg Tips and tricks: In order to validate ALL corporate or personal e-mails at once, access the Employee Summary and click on Validate e-mails in the column header of the type of e-mail to validate and the system will do the above steps but for all non-validated e-mails at once.

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