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Jean-Simon Bolduc
Jean-Simon Bolduc
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1. Access the Electronic Signature module
The module is located in the navigation bar on the left side of your screen.

2. Click on Send a Document at the top right of the page
A window will open allowing you to choose the document and the signees.

3. Select a document
Drag and drop the file you want to attach
Click on Browse to select the file you want to upload.


_icon.svg Warning!
• PDF is the only accepted format.
• The page limit for each document is 40 pages.
• The size of your document cannot exceed 25 Mb.

4. Select one or more signees
Click on the search bar to select the signee employee(s).

Type_light-bulb__Size_small.svg Tips and tricks :You can search for an employee by entering their last name, first name, employee number,
operating site, department or job title.

_icon.svg Warning!
• Only employees with a validated corporate or personal email address will be available in
the drop-down list.
• You can assign a maximum of 20 signees per document.


Click on Next Step when all signees are selected

5. Configure the fields by signee
Multiple signees
Select the signee to whom you want to assign fields in the left side menu.


_icon.svg Warning!
Make sure to change the signee name so that each of your signees has at least one field
to fill in the document.


Fields selection
• Click on the desired fields in the left side menu, and drag it to the location of your choice
in the document.
• Modify the size of all fields by positioning your cursor on the field outline and playing
with its size.

Once selected, the fields settings will appear in the right-hand side menu and allow you to:
• indicate whether it is a Required field or an Optional field to be filled in by the signee
or signees.
• customize the field name (the field name will not be visible to the signee).
• change the characters’ font and size.

Following fields will be filled in automatically:
• Date
• Name
• Email

Following will have to be completed manually:
• Business
• Profession

Several custom fields can also be added:
• Text box
• Check box
• Drop-down list
• Radio button

_icon.svg Warning!
In order to send the document, you must have at least one field configured for each signee.

6. Click on Send
When the document is sent, a green confirmation message will appear on the screen,
notifying that the signees have received the document to be signed via their email address.
This step may take a few seconds.


_icon.svg Warning!
If you get error messages or if the document has an Error status, refer to the following
article What to do when an error is detected while sending a document?

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