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Jean-Simon Bolduc
Jean-Simon Bolduc
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1. Go to the "Admin > Human Resources > Onboarding/Offboarding > Template Management" section.

2. Select "Offboarding " in the drop-down menu "Type".



In order to create a new template, it is important to select the choice "-New template-" in the "Template" drop-down menu.


3. Give your new template a name in the "Template Name" field.

4. After that, you have to link tasks to the template. To do this, click on "Add".

5. A window will appear, select the task to add and the desired order of this task from the list.

6. Click on "Add".



In order to save input time when creating a new template, it is possible to copy an existing template by using the "Use an existing template" function. Afterwards, it is possible to adjust this list by adding or removing tasks or by modifying the persons in charge to create the new template.



The task will be added to the list without any particular visual distinction, it is important to save the template.


7. Then select the person responsible for the task.

8. Click on "Save".



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