Managing Retroactive Salary Changes

Jimmy De Santis
Jimmy De Santis
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This article provides detailed instructions on managing retroactive salary changes for employees via Folks. It guides through the various steps, from modifying the salary in the employee's profile to obtaining reports on salary changes.

Salary Change Procedure

  1. Modifying Salary in the Employee's Profile

    1. Go to Employee > Control Page.
    2. Select the employee from the dropdown menu.
    3. Scroll down to the Corporate Information section.
    4. Modify the employee's salary (hourly wage and/or annual salary). Then, click Save.
  2. Making the Change Retroactive

    1. A window appears to indicate the future salary change date.
    2. Check the box to change the history retroactively if necessary.
    3. Select a retroactive change date if applicable.
    4. Click Ok, then Save again.
  3. Confirmation and Effectiveness of the New Salary

    • The new salary will be displayed in the salary information of the employee's profile.
    • The salary will be effective from the indicated change date.

Additional Considerations

  • In case of using the training module, the system takes into account the salary before the change date for training entries made before this date.

Obtaining a Salary Change Report

  1. Go to Employee > Corporate History.
  2. Click on Display only the salary history.
  3. Click on GO.
  4. Changes will appear in orange, allowing analysis based on date and salary.
  5. Click on Export to obtain the report.

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