Set up the calculation of public holidays for the timesheet

Jean-Simon Bolduc
Jean-Simon Bolduc
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Before configuring holidays in your employees' timesheets, check that the holidays have been added initially. For further information, please refer to the article Setting up holidays.

Once the holidays have been added to your platform, it's time to configure the holidays for the timesheet.

  1. Go to Admin > Timesheet > Holiday settings.
    It is possible to activate the automatic calculation of the 1/20 rule as set out in Quebec's Act labour laws. To do so, click on the button to activate the rule in the 1/20 column, depending on the employee.

    Type_light-bulb__Size_small.svg Tips and tricks: The 1/20 rule is calculated as follows: The system will calculate the hours worked during the 4 weeks preceding the pay period, including the holiday, for a maximum of 20 days worked. The total hours over the 4 weeks will be divided by 20 working days.
  2. It is possible to configure a customized number of hours in the Custom column. To add the same time value to all employees, click on the box below the Custom header and add the number of hours in the field that appears. To add time values by employee, locate the employee in the list and add the number of hours in the appropriate field.
  3. It is possible not to calculate public holidays in the Do not calculate column, so as not to enter a time value automatically when a public holiday occurs.
  4. To activate the employee's province, tick the box next to the employee's province. Click on the drop-down menu to select the employee's province. You can also click on the box under the Province heading to activate all employees' provinces at once.

    Type_light-bulb__Size_small.svg Tips and tricks: If the checkbox is not activated, the employee's province of residence will be used to assign holidays to the employee.

  5. Click on Save.

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