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Jean-Simon Bolduc
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_icon.svg Warning! In order to be able to share the result at the desired time, make sure that the Type of sharing is set to To share action by manager in the Results management section.


1. Access the Process monitoring page:

Menu ➝ Human resources management ➝ Performance assessment


2. Locate the process whose result you wish to share in the table.

Click on the icon to the left of the process name. A list containing the evaluated employees will appear.


3. Click on the icon representing three dots at the right-hand end of the line corresponding to the employee to whom you wish to share the results.

A window will appear listing all past occurrences of the process for this employee.


4. Click on the curved arrow icon at the end of the line corresponding to the desired occurrence.

A window will appear. Click on the Share button to make the result visible to the employee.


Type_light-bulb__Size_small.svg Tips and trick: You can hide a shared result at any time. Simply click again on the curved arrow icon and confirm the action in the window displayed. The result will automatically be hidden for the employee concerned.

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