Timesheet - Associate or remove a project with an employee

Jean-Simon Bolduc
Jean-Simon Bolduc
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1. Go to the "Employee > Employee profile" section.

2. Click on the drop-down menu to select the appropriate employee.

3. Click on "Project access management".



If you do not have access to this button, the project timesheet is not enabled in your system. To activate the project timesheet, send an email to support@folkshr.com


4. A window will appear. To add a project, click on "Add a project".

5. A line with a drop-down menu will appear allowing you to choose the project to add.

6. To remove a project, click on "X" next to the project.

7. Click "Save" once you have associated and/or removed the project(s) to the employee.



Once saved, the employee will have access to choose the project(s) associated to him/her when adding time in his/her timesheet.



The employee will also be added to the list of "Authorized employees" related to the project(s) in the "Admin > Timesheet > Project management" section.



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