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Jean-Simon Bolduc
Jean-Simon Bolduc
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1. Click on the filter icon to the right of the search bar.

A right side menu will appear on the screen, displaying possible search filters.

2. Select filters according to your needs
You can:
• Enable or disable inactive employees
• Select one or more operation sites, one or more departments and/or one or more
job titles
• Remove (or add) statuses

Type_light-bulb__Size_small.svg Tips and tricks: The system only displays active employees by default. To see inactive employees, click on the activation button.

Type_light-bulb__Size_small.svg Tips and tricks: If you select two or more items in one field, the system will display the employees who have one or the other in combination with the other filters you have chosen.

3. Click on Apply 
The menu will close and the filters will be applied.
A number will appear to the right of the filter icon, indicating the amount of filters applied.

Type_light-bulb__Size_small.svg Tips and tricks: One selection field corresponds to one filter. Therefore, multiple choices in a single selection field will display a number of filters of 1.

_icon.svg Attention!
If you close the window without clicking on the Apply button, the filters will not be applied.

To reset the default view,

1. Click on Reset Default View at the bottom of the filters sidebar. All items will return to their default state.


2. Click the X next to the icon and the number of filters applied in the main page. All items will return to their default state.

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