Answer types

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The answer types are how each of the created statements will be evaluated.
You must choose an answer type for each section


_icon.svg Warning! It is not possible to choose more than one answer type per section.


Selecting Scale will create a traditional scale of evaluation by criteria. You can enter the definition of the minimum and maximum only. A default label will be present, you can modify them by activating the option Edit labels. The choices between the two cannot be defined. No value is associated with the answers.

A 7-point scale is suggested by default. It is possible to modify it according to your needs.


Short answer

The evaluator will be able to enter text in a comment box. No value can be associated with a short answer.


Choice of answer

Three choices are proposed by default. However, you can replace them with the answer choices that correspond to your needs.

A color attribution system is also available. It is possible to modify the colors of each choice. To modify a color, you must put your mouse on the color you wish to modify, a tooltip will open with each possible color choices. Click on the desired color to select it. You can select the square with an X inside to not associate a color with the answer choice.
In order to add an answer choice, you must: 

1. Click on the Plus (+) icon located below the answer choices. A new field will be added.
2. Enter the wording of the desired answer choice and the associated color. 
3. Repeat steps 1 and 2 as needed


_icon.svg Warning! A maximum of nine answer choices can be created. 

To delete an answer choice, click on the trash can icon located to the right of the answer to be deleted.


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