Results Management Section

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1. Choose whether you want to allow evaluators to modify their assessments after they have been completed.

To do so, you need to activate the Allow manager to edit results function.


2. In the Results sharing settings section, you need to decide whether to share the results with employees and the sharing options.

  • Sharing type: You have the option of sharing results as soon as the evaluation is submitted, or when the assessor or a user with appropriate rights decides to do so.
  • Share total score: This option allows you to share only the scores of the evaluations, or to share the total score, i.e. the average of the scores of each evaluation in the process.

3. Select the evalutors for whom you wish to share information with the employee.


4. Select the information you wish to share in each section for each evaluator.

The Section sharing option allows you to :

  • Share or hide section responses
  • Share or hide a section comments

_icon.svg Warning! It is not possible to share comments only.


5. Click on the arrow to move on to the next section.

For more information on the next section, please refer to Section Attachments and notes to reviewers.





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