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1. Name your evaluation process 

An evaluation process is defined as several evaluation steps with the same type or dates as the other steps in the process. It targets a category of employees by selecting combinations of organizational structures of the targeted employees. Several processes can be created for the same category of employees.

Tip: Use the frequency, the types of evaluators or the assignment to the structures to give a meaningful name to your process so that you can find it quickly. Ex:

Monthly evaluation - Marketing 
Annual Peer Review - Marketing

2. Select the desired evaluators

It is possible to select one or more evaluators in the Evaluator Type list.

Check the box Managers to allow managers to evaluate their employees, .

Check the Peers box to allow employees to evaluate each other, .
Check the Employee box to allow employees to evaluate themselves, .


Employees who do not have a supervisor defined in their profile will not be considered in the manager's evaluation or in the peer evaluation.

3. Choose one or more completion languages

By default, the system will have selected the user's language. You can select another language from the Completion Languages drop-down menu or remove it by clicking on the X in the language label. If you select a bilingual process, don't forget to fill in the translations of each statement and its possible answers. If you forget a translation, the system will prevent you from saving and will highlight the forgotten field(s).

4. Choose the frequency of occurrence of the assessments
Quantity per year
The Quantity by Year option allows you to select several different evaluation dates.
By selecting this option, you will be able to specify the number of assessments needed for this process and assign dates to them. These dates are the start dates of the process and when the evaluators will receive notification that the evaluation is due. These dates will need to be reselected each year to provide the exact dates that apply to the new year.
 The fields will automatically rearrange themselves in chronological order. It is normal for the date fields to change location if you do not enter them in order.

One Year Frequency

The One Year Frequency option allows you to select a regular completion recurrence between :

Bi-annual (Semi-annual)

Tip: This option is useful when the assessment in question must be completed at regular intervals throughout the year without exception. The frequency starts on the first day of your HR reference year (the option to adjust the year to the employee's hiring date is planned for future updates of the module).

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