Why am I not able to launch an offboarding process?

Jean-Simon Bolduc
Jean-Simon Bolduc
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If you notice that no tasks appear in the window, there are two possible situations.


The first situation is that the employee does not have a job title linked to his or her profile, for information on how to modify an employee profile, refer to the article Edit an employee profile.


The second situation is that your employee's job title is not linked to an offboarding template.

1. To resolve the situation, go to the "Admin > Human Resources > Onboarding/Offboarding >Position / Template" section.

2. Find the job title of your employee in the "Position" list and make sure to select a template in the "Offboarding" column.

6. Click on "Save".

7. Return to the employee's offboarding process to see that the tasks are now present.



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