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Jean-Simon Bolduc
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1. Go to the "Requests > Overtime" section.

2. Fill in the appropriate fields.

3. To request the correct type of overtime, select one of the following choices:

  • Banked hours : Accumulates in the bank and you can decide later if you want to use it as reclaim time or have it paid for. 
  • Banked hours - To be used: Accumulates inside the bank and you can decide later if you want to use it as time taken back or have it paid for.
  • Banked hours - To be paid: Accumulates in the bank and will indicate to the approver that you want to be paid for this overtime.



The type is only an indication. How the hours are deducted from your bank will depend on the type of time used that you request.


4. To use overtime in your accumulated time bank, select one of the following choices: 

  • Hours used - Paid: To deduct the number of hours and have it paid for in the next paycheck.
  • Hours used - Taken: To request time off and be paid from the time bank.



Before sending your request for approval to your supervisor, make sure your remaining balance is not in the negative or that you have authorization to do so.

5. Fill in the other appropriate fields.

6. Click on "Send Request".



Once the request has been approved or denied by your supervisor, you will be notified via your email.



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