What is the definition of total recognized seniority?

Jean-Simon Bolduc
Jean-Simon Bolduc
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  • The total recognized seniority is information available in the employee profile and in the employee summary in the "Seniority" column.
  • It is calculated as follows: Experience + Relevant experience - Non-recognized seniority = Total recognized seniority.


Experience represents the amount of time spent from the date of hire to the present. Relevant experience is a field on the employee's control page where you can enter a positive or negative number to affect the total recognized seniority. Unrecognized seniority is the amount of time the employee was inactive or inactive during inactivity where seniority is not calculated.



Total recognized seniority will change:

  • Over time
  • If the date of hire is changed
  • If there is an addition or removal of relevant experience.



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