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Jean-Simon Bolduc
Jean-Simon Bolduc
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It is possible to make a hiring process inactive by two methods.


First option

1. Access the "Hiring Process" to make it inactive.

2. Click on "Disable this offer".



Once the process is disabled, it will be added to the "Inactive" list within the "Job Offer Management".


3. A green confirmation message will appear stating that the process is now present in the list of "Inactive" processes.


Second option

1. Go to the ''Admin > Job offers management > Job offers management'' section.

2. Locate the desired job offer in the "Active" process section.

3. Click on the deactivation icon in the "Actions" column.




Do not use the delete icon, because all the information of a deleted process disappears from the system.


4. The process will be moved to the "Inactive" process section.



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