Hire and transfer a candidate in Folks HR

Jean-Simon Bolduc
Jean-Simon Bolduc
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1. Access your hiring process.

2. Locate the applicant in the list and click on "Hire" in the "Status" column to hire the applicant.

3. A window will appear. Click on the "Transfer this candidate in Folks HR" box and enter the "First day of work". Upon transfer, the first day of work will be inserted in the "Start date" field.



This option is only available to customers who also have access to the HRIS platform.


4. Click on "Hire".

5. Click on the "Folks HR" tab to access your new employee's profile.



If you cannot find the employee in the list, it may be that your hiring date is in the future. To find the employee, click on the "Show inactive employees" box and the employee will be listed.


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