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Jean-Simon Bolduc
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1. Go to the "Admin > Parameters > Job Title" tab.



If you are using HRIS, the list comes from HRIS. Therefore, it is important to add, edit or delete job titles from HRIS. The system will automatically adjust the job titles within your ATS. If you create it from your ATS, you risk losing automation in your software.


2. Click on "Add".

3. A window will appear. Enter the name of the job title in the appropriate language(s).

4. Fill in the remaining fields to create the template for this job title.



If the template you create is to be applied to multiple facilities, click on "Apply to multiple facilities" and select the facilities by checking the appropriate boxes. The template will be applied to the facility selected in the drop-down menu in addition to the ones you have checked.



If you want to save a template in both languages, you have to do it one language at a time and save one language at a time. You should create the template in French first and press "Save". After that you have to go back to the job title, create the template in English and press "Update".


5. Click on "Save".



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